The following item was published in the April 2011 Golden Gazette, page 11:

The Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) has a new website with lots of information about the programs and a schedule of classes and events.

Currently, classes include line dancing, tai chi, yoga, self-defense for seniors, square dancing, and light aerobics.  Previous classes have included running/walking, karate, “coffee companions,” Mahjong, and computer instruction.

A list of activities for the spring session, which starts in early April, will be posted on the new website, along with instructions on how to register.  Most 8-week classes cost $5; some are free.

Currently, there are thirteen “brick-and-mortar” senior centers in Fairfax County but none in the burke/West Springfield area and no funds are available to construct one.  The “center without walls” opened in 2009 to fill this gap.  Since its inception, more than 350 older adults have participated in the various classes and activities, which are held at sites volunteered by churches, community centers, schools, and other venues.

For more information, call 703-250-9181 or go to