Our SCWoW members won a number of medals at the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics in mid-September.


* Race Walking:  Three members of the Burke Walking Club (a SCWoW activity) competed in race-walking events on Sept. 15 at the Thomas Jefferson Community indoor track.  Jerome won a gold medal in the 4,800 meter (3 mile) waling event with a super time.  Jerry won a gold medal for the 400 meter (1/4 mile) race walk and silver medals for the 800 meter (1/2 mile) and 1,600 meter (1 mile) events.  Although Dee did not medal, she posted a best-ever finish for her in the 4,800 meter (3 mile) race walk.











* Line Dancing:  A gold medal went to our “Super Seniors” (80+ years) team named “Forever Queen,” which included Eppie Dela Cuesta, Suk Ja Jo, Lin Ngo, Soon Bun Lee and Cora Alvano.  Special thanks go to Cora, who woke up not feeling well, but came to the competition with her walker.  The team needed at least five participants, so Cora’s presence was essential!


Congratulations also go to Susie Thomas and her outstanding line dance troupe “Silver Diamond” for their silver medal.


* Hawaiian Hula:  Kudos to our”Hawaiian Stars” for their efforts.  Coached by Hawaiian Hula instructor Vivian Takafuji, the team consisted of Melanie Willis, Rita Perrotti, Maria Puri, Marilou Morada, Edna Noe and Tran Perry.


You can see videos of the dancing on YouTube by going to:  http://www.youtube.com/user/CoraSandovalFoley/videos