ANNOUNCEMENTS (August 7, 2020)


Healthy Strides Community Classes

Fairfax County provides virtual fitness classes conducted by various instructors from various county recreation centers. They are free and no registration is required. Click on the topic above or check it out on the NCS website.

medicare announcement

Medicare 101

On Thursday, August 27, 2020, from 1:15-2:15, there will be a virtual Medicare 101 Workshop whereby you can learn if you are eligible for Medicare, how to enroll, the different options such as Parts A, B, C, and D, plus any new changes to Medicare for the 2020 year. Registration is required.

Virtual class schedule

The updated class listing for the virtual classes for August 10-14 is available on the SCWOW Drop-Inpage, and on the NCS website.

Virtual Activities for Adults

Access to YMCA exercise classes are now available, as are classes and information from AARP. Check the drop-in page for more information and links.

Join us in a variety of fun activities such as games, discussion groups, trivia, exercise classes and more. The current schedule and Zoom instructions are available on the Drop-In page.

Thanks to your fitness club, this temporary site allows free access to 100+ workouts during the COVID-19 disruptions. There's no need to subscribe. Talk to your club if you'd like a special offer to subscribe to 800+ streaming workouts available wherever and whenever you want to work out.


You may or may not want to participate in Body Pump, but there are more gentle exercise videos available. They include yoga flow and barre.

  • Try the post-pregnancy videos for gentle fitness
  • Have little ones sharing the house/apartment with you? Try the "Born to Move" videos.
  • More interested in meditation? Try the "The Trip" for gentle music and beautiful videos.

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