Latest information from NCS (July 10, 2020)

Special event

Upcoming seated yoga class: This class is free and designed for people with mobility concerns, people with multiple health conditions and their caregivers. No prior experience, special clothing or equipment is required. Space is limited so please sign up as early as possible. Classes begin on 23 July.

Virtual class schedule

The updated class listing for the virtual classes for July 13-17 is available on the SCWOW Drop-Inpage, and at on the NCS website.

Virtual Activities for Adults

Access to YMCA exercise classes are now available, as are classes and information from AARP. Check the drop-in page for more information and links.

Join us in a variety of fun activities such as games, discussion groups, trivia, exercise classes and more. The current schedule and Zoom instructions are available on the Drop-In page.

Thanks to your fitness club, this temporary site allows free access to 100+ workouts during the COVID-19 disruptions. There's no need to subscribe. Talk to your club if you'd like a special offer to subscribe to 800+ streaming workouts available wherever and whenever you want to work out.


You may or may not want to participate in Body Pump, but there are more gentle exercise videos available. They include yoga flow and barre.

  • Try the post-pregnancy videos for gentle fitness
  • Have little ones sharing the house/apartment with you? Try the "Born to Move" videos.
  • More interested in meditation? Try the "The Trip" for gentle music and beautiful videos.

Senior Resources (posted April 1, 2020)

We hope this finds you well during these difficult and trying times. As Fairfax County continues to adapt and move forward with delivering services to our community. We would like to make sure that you have access to our Human Services contact number for basic needs. Our Human Service number 703-222-0880 will help you access food, medication delivery/pick, and rides based on your specific needs. Please look at the descriptions below for services offered to see if these services will be of value to you and your family.

Food-Coordinated Services planning can offer resources to food pantries, congregate meal programs and more.

Medication Assistance/Delivery- Assistance with finding resources to pay for or deliver prescriptions that you may need. Information on prescription assistance programs along with other resources regarding prescription needs.

Rides to Medical Appointments- Coordinated Services can offer information on dial-a-ride programs along with information on non-profits that offer transportation assistance.

During this unprecedented time, resources and support through Fairfax County are available to you. Please take the opportunity to follow the link to the Coordinated Services Planning page and to the Human Resources Guide. These links can provide you with more detailed information regarding the meeting of your basic needs. If you are interested in receiving the congregate meal program. please email Kimberly Warner ( or Robert Grape ( for more information and assistance.

In closing, you are not alone during this time. We are here to help.

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