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Breaking Down Walls” by Justin Fanizzi, Connection Newspapers

“Foley began the quest for a senior center in the area in late 2007, when she was struck by the number of people attending the Lorton Senior Center that lived in the Burke and Springfield area. Aware that the area was lacking a senior center, Foley promptly contacted then-Springfield Supervisor Elaine McConnell (R) but was told that due to budget constraints, funds to build a new senior center was nonexistent. Instead, Foley pursue alternative options and came up with the idea for the Center Without Walls.” Click here to read more.

Building Bridges, Not Walls” by Justin Fanizzi, Connection Newspapers

“After nearly two years of hard work and tireless effort, Burke resident Corazon Foley has finally accomplished her goal to provide healthy living programs for the seniors in her community who have gone so long without them.” Click here to read more.