Mandatory Registration

Enrollment in RecDynamics is mandatory for both drop-in classes and for the quarterly session classes. Registration is completed online at the NCS website whereby an account associated with your contact email is created. Once that is accomplished, the NCS staff can finalize the process and issue a membership card to you. The card can be obtained at any senior center.

For those wishing assistance with the online registration, computers are available at the Mott Community Center and the David R. Pinn Community Center. Staff members are available for assistance, however, it is highly recommended that you call in order to make such arrangements.


The staff at the Mott Center has compiled the following information to assist you with the process.

1. I was told that REC-Dynamics will enroll me as a non-resident when I sign up, how do I fix this?
That is a registration anomaly that we are aware of and apologize for any confusion it may cause. It is something that the staff will correct in the final stage of the registration process when we generate your sign in card.

2. I am already a member of a Senior Center (such as Little River Glen or Lincolnia). Do I really need to sign up for another card?
Good news, you do not! We can link a REC-Dynamics SCWOW account to your Senior Center card here at the Center. It only takes a moment and can be done at your convenience. However, we do recommend calling ahead if you are concerned about time.

3. I tried making my Rec-Dynamics account from home and it asks me what Senior Center I would like to create an account for... what do I select?
If this option on the registration has caused you confusion, we understand and you are not alone. If you are signing up because you take SCWOW classes you do NOT need to worry about that section on the registration. The center selection and confirmation check box can be left blank.

4. I take SCWOW classes at a site other than Mott or Pinn. Since I can’t sign in at the location with a card, do I still need one?
Yes, you do. All SCWOW registration will be processed through Rec-Dynamics effective immediately. Whether your site is using a computer to check-in participants or through a generated sign-in sheet, all the information will be processed into Rec-Dynamics. If you have registered but not received a card issued by a staff member, your registration is incomplete. You will NOT be able to sign up for classes or sign in for each session until you obtain the card.

5. In the past, I have always signed up for SCWOW classes through the mail. How is that going to change?
This step of registering everyone into REC-Dynamics is the first of a multi-step process to transition SCWOW to a fully digital process. To ensure that every participant can transition with us we are only rolling out changes incrementally. This means that eventually mail-in registration will be phased out. Because that is not an immediate change, we will continue to keep mail-in registration available at this time. This is ONLY for the Spring SCWOW registration. Mail-In registration cannot be confirmed for any future registration sessions at this time.

6. There is something I’m still confused about. OR The Center is out of my way and I can’t come in. OR My question isn’t on this list.
This is a new process and we are doing our best to provide all the assistance and clarity that we can. We invite you to reach out to us by email or phone with any concerns or help that you need. Please call the Mott Center at 703- 278-8605 and ask for Kim Warner or Brittney Honnoll, or by email at and